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Take a break!
Middle of the night, weekends, holidays, when you and your staff are too busy — or just need a little personal time — you can depend on AnswerLink to make sure your customers' calls are answered promptly and courteously. We are 24/7/365 so you don't have to be!

Real people, really caring
Having a live, bright voice answer your phone rather than a machine reassures your customers that their needs are being addressed. Now — not whenever somebody finally gets around to checking voice mail.

Truly personalized service
We personalize your account by greeting callers just as you do. Your customers will have no reason to believe they are talking to an answering service. AnswerLink operators refer specifically to your office and techs by name.

Messages handled as you want
After carefully getting complete, accurate messages from your customers, we transfer the information to you in a timely, understandable manner however you prefer: by phone, via pager, faxing, or email. If you want emergencies handled differently than other calls, we'll gladly accommodate your wishes.

Our thorough approach to client service ensures the knowledge and understanding of what's needed so we can respond appropriately to your customers. All calls are recorded and we offer direct- connect when needed.

Let us check up on you!
For those who would be comforted and assured by having a friendly voice call and check in with them, AnswerLink offers a Community Support Line. This can be a particularly valuable service for the elderly and infirmed, yet it’s very modestly priced. For just $10 a month, we’ll call and see how you’re doing twice a week. If you prefer more frequent calls, that can certainly be arranged for just a slight adjustment of the rate. The calls are scheduled for when you want them — anytime, day or night, any days of the week.

It’s quick and easy to get started. Just call Leslie Cowles toll-free at 877-797-5127 or email at lecowles@kansasanswers.com. She’ll be glad to visit with you about any questions you might have.

Other special features
To save you from long-distance fees when forwarding your lines to us, we provide a toll-free number for direct access with no prompts to follow.

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