AnswerLink in Hutchinson actually starts back in the mid 1960’s with a couple of previous owners.  Our history starts in September 1996 with the purchase of the operation by myself and my wife, LuAnne.

At that time the business assets consisted of 100 local customers within the county plus 5 or 6 Crime Stopper phone numbers.  We started in a rented office space using about 500 square feet with 5 workstations.  Our total employment consisted of 2 managers, one of which was our daughter Kathleen and 5 employees for 24 hour service. We were logging about 10,000 calls a month.

About 6 months later we incorporated the answering service with our existing ServiceMaster Distributorship in our own remodeled offices.  As our business grew in early 2006 we connected our former lawn care building, bringing our total office space to 2500 feet.

In 2000 we brought Tim, our youngest son, into the business with his technical knowledge.  Leslie, his wife, joined in 2002 to help with employee management and sales. Around the same time, Melissa, wife of our oldest son, Patrick, started working with us part time. The business was growing steadily and the next year Melissa joined our team full time.

In 2010 Patrick joined the business and in 2012 his responsibility became to guide the complete remodeling of our present location.

Under LuAnne’s guidance our business has really grown.  In 2012 we remodeled and moved to our new location in the center of downtown Hutchinson. We have grown from our original building space of 1,000 sq. ft. to a facility of over 8,200 sq. ft. and have 35 full time employees.  We take in excess of 75,000 calls a month now, from approximately 800 different locations across North America.

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David Cowles

24 / 7 / 365

We work around the clock 365 days a year so you don’t have to!

Community Oriented

We are the only call center for Senior Crime Stoppers which serves nursing homes across the country.

Problem Solvers

We know running a business isn’t easy. We will work with you to provide an affordable plan that will serve both you and your customers.

Customer Support

We provide the highest quality support to your customers. We care for them as if they were our own!

David Cowles

David Cowles


David is the owner of AnswerLink of Kansas and corporate President of Franchise Development Inc. David’s experience and knowledge goes back to 1965 when he started working for his father-in-law in a family owned cleaning business, ServiceMaster-Hutchinson Rug and Furniture Cleaning.  That same year he married his wife, LuAnne and together they grew with several business opportunities over their 52 years together.  David and LuAnne have four children, Jim, deceased, Kathleen, Patrick, and Tim.  All of the children have worked in the business over the years.

David finished his schooling after 2 years of community college.  He worked in a large grocery chain through his high school and college years. After his marriage to LuAnne he spent the next years working under the ServiceMaster Franchise trademark.  He spent 25 years in the family owned business as operations manager, franchise sales and distributor.  In 1990 he and LuAnne started and worked their own distributorship.  In 1997 they were bought out by the parent company and he was hired as a Regional Manager.  In the fall of 1996, he and LuAnne purchased a small local answering service and named it AnswerLink of Kansas. David continued working for ServiceMaster Company Inc. as a Regional Support Manager until he retired after a total 48 years in the ServiceMaster family.

LuAnne passed away in February of 2017.  David continues as he has done for the past years spending his time with the business and his 9 grandchildren.

LuAnne Cowles

LuAnne Cowles

Founding Member

LuAnne had her start in business at an early age, working for her father and mother in their family owned Hutchinson Carpet and Furniture Cleaning business.  She worked primarily in the office with her mother, learning to understand the bookkeeping side which would benefit her in later years.  After graduating from High School she attended 2 years of college before returning home to once again work with her parents.

LuAnne met her future husband David in the early 1960’s marrying in 1965.  Shortly after marriage, David was offered a position with her parent’s business, working with her older brother John.  LuAnne worked in various aspects of the cleaning business for the next 30 years helping grow it from a small cleaning business to a multi-state distributorship of services, products and sales for The ServiceMaster Company.

In 1996 she and her husband purchased a small answering service in Kansas.  LuAnne took over the reins of the new business while David continued his career with ServiceMaster.  During the next years, she grew the business from taking calls for local customers to taking calls throughout the United States and Canada.

The past few years LuAnne’s health took its toll and she passed February 14, 2017.  LuAnne leaves her husband David, 4 children, Jim (deceased 1984), Kathleen, Patrick, Tim, and spouses along with 9 grandchildren.

LuAnne’s efforts and accomplishments will truly be missed.

Tim Cowles

Tim Cowles

Technology Manager

Tim Cowles is our Technology Manager, starting his career with AnswerLink of Kansas in 2000. Before AnswerLink, Tim worked with a company assembling hardware for computer systems and held an IT Management position with another call center. Tim has many roles within AnswerLink, but primarily handles the system maintenance and upkeep. Tim works to ensure our customers have access to up to date features and utilizes his 20 + years’ experience to ensure they are getting the most out of our services.

Tim has studied hardware, software and networking. In his spare time, Tim coach’s youth basketball, and enjoys a good game of golf. Tim is an essential part of our team, and knows how to ensure our customers technology needs are met.

Leslie Cowles

Leslie Cowles

Business Manager

Leslie Cowles is our Business Manager, starting her career with AnswerLink of Kansas in 2002. Before AnswerLink, Leslie worked as a Preschool Teacher and a Program Manager for an Early Childhood Development Center.  Leslie wears many hats as our Business Manager, but her primary role is in sales and marketing. Leslie knows that Customer Satisfaction is the key to our success, and utilizes her 15+ years of experience to ensure every customer is satisfied.

Leslie studied Human Growth and Development with an emphasis on Early Childhood, and holds a certification in Curriculum Development. In her spare time, Leslie Coaches Cheerleading for a local Junior Highschool and teaches Hip Hop Dance at a local studio. Leslie is a great asset to our team, and shares our vision of Customers First.

Patrick Cowles

Patrick Cowles

Facilities Manager

Patrick Cowles started his career at AnswerLink in 2010.  Prior to his start with AnswerLink of Kansas Patrick had previous experience at ServiceMaster of Central Kansas as a cleaning technician supervisor.  After gaining management experience he was transferred to our ServiceMaster LawnCare division.  After several years with the lawn care business, Patrick and his wife Melissa started their own lawn care business.  They operated the lawn care business for several years before selling that business.  Moving on Patrick worked for Sysco Food Services of Kansas City Beverage Department installing and fixing coffee, tea and juice machines all over the State of Kansas.  In the last few years Patrick worked as an electrician for a local Hutchinson company.  In 2012 AnswerLink purchased a new building which Patrick and David completely remodeled.

Today, Patrick takes care of all HVAC maintenance, plumbing and electrical needs as a part time responsibility for AnswerLink. His full time position is to help with incoming calls on our insurance company hot lines.  In his spare time he enjoys donating his time to the Knights of Columbus and spending his time camping and four wheeling with his wife and 3 kids.

Melissa Cowles

Melissa Cowles

Accounting Manager

Melissa Cowles is our Accounting Manager and has over 25 years of experience in the field. She has become an expert at all administrative tasks while successfully managing customer accounts, and receivables.  After graduating high school she moved to Ft. Worth, TX.  While there, she volunteered for the Red Cross at Carswell Air Force Base, training in multiple areas of the dental field. Prior to joining AnswerLink in January 2002, Melissa worked as a dental assistant for a general dentist, and later as a patient coordinator for an orthodontist office. Her desire to see AnswerLink succeed as the best option for customer service in the nation is what drives her to daily success.

Melissa enjoys volunteering at church, her children’s schools, Knights of Columbus, and the Reno County Cancer Council.  Outside of the office Melissa can be found spending time with family, friends, gardening, camping or playing with her three Golden Retrievers.

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