Community Support Line

Community Support Line


Community support line is a free service to the elderly, or those with health conditions living alone who might not have regular communication with family members or friends.

AnswerLink provides a well check phone call to residents as often as needed to ensure they are doing OK. If at any time we are unable to reach the resident, we will proceed to the emergency contact list provided by the individual until someone is reached who can make a well check visit to the home.

Knights of Columbus


AnswerLink provides a free service to our local chamber of the Knights of Columbus to assist them in logging and dispatch of any maintenance needs, in addition to scheduling their rental hall. Knights of Columbus is a Catholic-based Fraternal Organization engaged in charity, both locally and globally.

Marian Mantle Group


AnswerLink provides a free service to the Marian Mantle Group. We take prayer requests and orders for religious readings and prayer cards. Marian Mantle Group offers help and positive action for Catholics in need.

Cause for Paws


AnswerLink provides a free service for Cause for Paws, Inc. We answer calls for those needing financial assistance to care for their animals. Cause for Paws offers financial assistance for residents who cannot financially afford to spay or neuter their companion pets which is instrumental in reducing pet overpopulation.

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