After Hours Calls

We Answer The Phone, When You’re Closed

We take care of your clients and customers even after you’ve gone home for some well deserved relaxation.
You can rest at the end of each day knowing that your customers are still interacting with live agents who can answer questions and provide support that no robot or answering maching ever will.

Don’t be afraid of the dark.

The lights are off and everyone’s gone home… but that’s no reason for you to miss out on phone calls! AnswerLink has you covered 24/7 with our After Hours answering service.

Emergency Dispatch

No call left unanswered.

Our team is trained to respond calmly and competently to disaster relief calls 24/7, even in the middle of the night. Our commitment to providing the most reliable, prompt emergency dispatch service is to answer every phone call in 3 rings or less.

After Hours Call Routing

Seamless handoffs from our office to yours.

Our computer program uses an advanced algorithm to connect callers to an agent as quickly as possible by eliminating transfers and waiting periods while still providing the most personable experience possible.

After Hours Appointment Scheduling

Calendar management simplified.

Never miss an opportunity again. If a potential client, customer or patient needs to schedule an appointment after your office has closed - we’ll help them do it!

Why do businesses rely on AnswerLink’s After Hours Services?

Speed & Accuracy

Our average answer time is under 10 seconds – less than one ring cycle! When it comes to outperforming your competition, every second counts.

Increased Productivity

Having someone else answer the phone allows you to work distraction free. You’ll be amazed how much more you get done without having to worry about incoming calls.

Stay Organized

Advanced algorithms help us know which calls to take and which calls to ignore. This ensures that we only spend time engaging with real customers.

Get started with our After Hours Calls Service NOW!

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