Virtual Reception

The New Way to Handle Your Calls

It can be difficult to manage a business when your phone rings off the hook.

Our technicians are trained to be an extension of your company. We answer the phone the same as you would so that your customers feel comfortable and cared for. From questions about products to questions about payments, AnswerLink is here to provide assistance.


Communication experts with U.S. roots.

AnswerLink is based in Kansas which makes our receptionists easy to understand and communicate with – no matter where your clients are located.

Fully customizable greetings

Our virtual receptionists answer the phone just like you would.
Your customers will never know they’re speaking to a virtual reception service. Our technicians are trained to act as an extension of your company by greeting customers with a script of your choosing.

FAQ’s Support

Stop answering the same questions over and over again!
A virtual receptionist saves you from answering the same questions again and again. Enjoy the freedom of knowing that your customers are taken care of – getting the answers they need while you focus on the important work.

Confirmations & Reminders

No more schedule gaps or dropped appointments!
Your customers and clients are just as busy as you are. That’s why we offer appointment confirmations and reminders - to make sure your schedule stays full.

Appointment Scheduling

Calendar management simplified.

Never miss an opportunity again. Stop taking up your own time by double-booking, and missing important appointments. Book your appointments with us and you’ll never have to worry about missing out on a potential customer.

With our team of scheduling experts, we work with your preferred calendaring system through your website, so you’re never double-booked again.

Call Routing

Experience the perfect handoff with our seamless call routing services.
Successful virtual reception means seamless handoffs from our office to yours. Our computer program uses an advanced algorithm to connect callers to an agent as quickly as possible by eliminating transfers and waiting periods while still providing the most personable experience possible.

Customized Scripts

Our virtual reception service lets you craft every word your customers hear.

You’ve spent time and money building your brand’s voice. As part of AnswerLink’s virtual reception service, you have the ability to customize every response we give - keeping your brand consistent through all communication.

This also gives you peace of mind, knowing that your customers are engaging with a representative that acts and sounds as though they’re sitting in your office.

Why do businesses rely on AnswerLink’s Live Virtual Reception Services?

Fast Answer Times

Grow your customer base by letting them talk to real people. AnswerLink of Kansas provides friendly and professional virtual receptionists 24/7/365.

Increased Productivity

Grow your customer base by letting them talk to real people. AnswerLink of Kansas provides friendly and professional virtual receptionists 24/7/365.

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